Dr. Kenneth Light shows spinal disc replacement on The Doctors show
Client Stories:
Syneron Medical, Ltd.
Startup  & national publicity for this leading medical device company & its customers,
resulting in dozens of TV news stories and interviews featuring products and
treatments. We arranged several live on-site news interviews at medical meetings
including ASPS in San Antonio, TX and AAD in San Francisco featuring company
executives and physicians and  the latest technologies for skin rejuvenation.

Surgical Specialties
National public relations campaign for the manufacturer of  "Contour Threads"
with numerous TV stories including a two-part story on the "Today" Show and
a segment on "Good Morning America".

Media relations with local & national news coverage of consumer anti-snoring
product resulting in extensive TV news coverage and a live segment on "The View"

Catholic Healthcare West
Hospital public relations & marketing resulting in many TV stories and newspaper
articles featuring physicians who practice in various service lines such as
cardiology, orthopedic surgery, gynecology, sleep medicine, etc.

Dermatology Associates
Media relations & publicity for the largest dermatology practice in San Diego, CA,
resulting in at least  two TV news stories every month over a two-year campaign.
News coverage included topics in cosmetic and general dermatology. Each story
featured one of the four principal physician partners.

EEG Spectrum
National publicity for affiliated psychologists using EEG Spectrum biofeedback
programs with many TV news stories and interviews across the country.

Kent Wellish, M.D.
Public relations & marketing to drive growth for an ophthalmology & LASIK practice
with numerous TV stories & live interviews plus coverage in newspaper articles.

Vital Imaging
Media relations, marketing & publicity for this multi-location CT body scanning
company with news coverage in Houston, Los Angeles and San Diego, CA.
Gary N. Grasso, Director
The director of Doctor's P.R. & Marketing works
closely with clients, overseeing strategic marketing,
creative public relations and online P.R. and
marketing services. He founded Doctor's P.R. in

Doctor's P.R works with physicians across the
country and has directed start-up P.R. &  marketing
campaigns for leading medical devices and
products including Syneron, Tickle Lipo, VASER,
Zerona, AquaLipo, TheraBreath and many more.

Doctor's P.R. is the agency which created national
recognition for the
FotoFacial treatment. Our clients
are placed on local and national television shows,
supported by online publicity which keeps earned
media coverage alive and relevant in search results.

Working with a leading spine surgeon, we placed
numerous T.V. stories covering a new spinal fusion
procedure and  a feature story on "The Doctors"
covering artificial disc replacement. We leveraged
the T.V. stories with effective online P.R. The result?
Our client occupies a dominating position in search
results with multiple first page articles and press
releases showing in several categories.

To launch the campaign for Contour ThreadLift  we
first placed a feature story on the TODAY Show with
plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland conducting
a live demonstration of the ThreadLift procedure.
This story aired in multiple segments over the
two-hour show, for  a total on-air time of 18 minutes
on national television. We followed with stories
placed on Good Morning America and Oprah.

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Spinal Disc Replacement on "The Doctors"
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Doctor's P.R. is a leader in medical marketing and publicity with nearly twenty years of placing hundreds
of stories and interviews on T.V. news and talk shows across the U.S.

We promote effective media exposure designed to enhance medical and dental practice growth and
name recognition. Doctor's P.R. online marketing services include writing and distribution of targeted
online press releases and quality web content which brings increased visibility in organic online search.

We represent physicians, dentists,  hospitals, medical device manufacturers and  health & beauty
related products. Doctor's P.R. has the media contacts, understanding of medical terminology and
creativity to plan and execute a successful program to contribute to the growth of a medical practice,
marketing of medical devices or health / beauty products.