Media Training For Doctors
Doctor's PR Media Training

Doctor’s PR & Marketing, the leading public relations agency for medical and dental professionals now offers media training for doctors. Who better than a
specialized medical public relations agency to help you hone your interview and media communications skills? Doctor's PR & marketing has placed hundreds
of clients on local and national media.Whether you wish to communicate more effectively for TV and other media interviews and news stories, to build
experience to promote yourself as a medical commentator or reporter or develop your skills in speaking to lay audiences at patient seminars, Doctors PR
Media Training will give you the background and confidence to be in control of interviews, effectively discuss the latest procedures and treatments in away
that engages the audience using terms they understand. and avoid common mistakes when answering questions from the media. Doctors often feel most
comfortable speaking in medical-school language, but that’s not the audience being targeted for our purposes.

Our unique position as both a medical public relations and marketing agency and media training provider gives us a unique perspective in training you to
have the media skills required to succeed.

You’ll benefit from one-on-one sessions with on-camera interviews and news questions with real-time input from us on how to improve your responses. You'll
learn how to seamlessly introduce information that you want to have included, whether or not the reporter asks directly related questions. By including value-
added statements when answering a reporter's questions you can often manage to  get more information through to the audience, and encourage the
reporter to ask more questions related to the information you wish to convey.

You’ll also practice ways in which to describe technical medical terms in ways that are understandable and compelling to the general public. By avoiding
jargon and speaking to people’s needs, you’ll be seen as a professional who believes in a high level of patient care and communication.

Learn how to effectively convey information

Be seen as an expert in your field

Have more control during interviews

Feel prepared for any question

Look and sound great during interviews

Feel comfortable during interviews

Create memorable sound bites and quotes

Doctor’s PR Media Training is conducted in one or two-day sessions . You’ll receive our personalized attention in fine-tuning your interview and media
presentation skills. You’ll also receive a digital video clip of your media training interview sessions.
For more information on available schedules, pricing and other details contact Gary Grasso or Lana Erin at Doctors PR & Marketing.
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