Your Practice As A News Source
Doctor's P.R. can transform your existing blog or will create a new blog with original content that
will gain attention for your practice.

Online video, informative articles and specialized blogs can increase new patient inquiries and compliment a well-designed website.
The right strategy can result in strong online search results under multiple topics.

Many doctors report that 65% or more of all new patient inquiries are coming from online search, which has grown to be the public’s
prime source for research and information on aesthetic, medical and health care related issues. When combined with television
appearances and online video, doctors can influence a wide audience with news and information, accessible 24 hours a day.

Doctoss who wish to attract new patients must gain meaningful media exposure. They should also create and maintain a strong online
presence. Original content including blogs and original video is critical in order to achieve and maintain online visibility.

Use the power of  a blog to educate, inform and attract patients.
A well - written and informative blog can result in high visibility in the most important and relevant topics, and may be used to drive the
conversation on the latest medical trends, treatments and procedures. Doctors who offer quality content can gain high-profile online
search results under multiple search terms. This can build a powerful and dominant "expert source'"position from which a physician can
comment on breaking news, discuss new procedures and educate the public.

Own it.
A blog can engage more readers than press releases. And since the doctor controls and owns the content it can include any combination
of information, photos and video which best tells the story. "A blog can employ several types of  writing styles to target their audiences,"
says Gary Grasso, Director of Doctor's P.R. & Medical News. "We especially like to use a news format, featuring compelling headlines
and interesting information. We find that this approach can rank well in online search, which is critically important." Doctor's P.R. works
with clients to compose and publicize original content for websites, blogs, press releases and articles covering all fields of medicine,
health care and related topics. "We achieve high visibility in topics ranging from innovations in cosmetic surgery to dentistry, cardiology,
spinal surgery, anti-aging medicine, sports medicine and more," says Grasso.

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Why Doctors Should Have A Blog With Compelling
Content, Combined With Strong Online P.R.
Blogs can be developed into an important online news source and
communication tool to reach prospective patients, so be sure your
blog articles are newsworthy, not just a random series of updates.